Capitalism in its liberal and neoliberal phase is on track to self-destruct because of their greed and blindness.

de Waldemar Branas, el Lunes, 04 de julio de 2011 a las 8:47
As the Soviet system - a particular phase of state capitalism with some socialresponsibility, self-destroyed.
Capitalism in its liberal and neoliberal phase is on track to self-destruct because of their greed and blindness.
Capitalism in its current phase is a beast that eats itself in search of maximum individual gain. And the war and speculation their means to obtain wealth.
There are those who think about the possibility of a humanitarian capitalism, citingthe Swedish model.
Sweden is as corrupt as the neo-liberal world. Their politicians, they enjoy high salaries and privileges, cheat and steal -the same way as their colleagues in the capitalist world. The scandals are continuous and result in the daily press.
There could  not be different. A country where a Nobel (of the Peace Prize) was one of the largest producers of military industrial complex. Palme, an attempt ministers to impose a slightly different model of capitalism) was killed. As in the case of Kennedy have not discovered the criminals ... (???).
The bankers are a chapter in itself, from pro-Nazi in World War II to pro-Americanafter the war. Blatantly cheating and stealing .... yes ... they know better than anyone presenting one side of angels. Let no man deceive - where the money easy - there they are.
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