miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

Dictionary of the kleptocracy.

Dictionary of the kleptocracy.

Good business: stealing, cheating, war.
Market freedom: to invade, occupy, kill you.
Terrorism: the defense of peoples for their rights.
Marketing: stealing and enforce patents to defraud people.
Press freedom: art of lying and disinformation without assumingresponsibility. Instrument of psychological warfare empire.
Democracy: The art of fooling the people to enforce laws protecting the imperial kleptocracy.
Human rights: "something" that others should respect in the interests of the power of the kleptocracy.
Negotiate: accept the opinions of the kleptocracy between hugs, smiles - including media cocktail parties.
Islam: The nightmare of kleptocracy.
Nationalism: the art of divide people to fight each other in defense of the kleptocracy.

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