viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011

Facts not words.

Res Non Verba. Facts not words. Waldemar Branas, the Friday, September 30, 2011, 9:35 The web is full of pictures showing Chavez and Gaddafi sees as friends.
Some Muslims place and fuss and attack Chavez.
I wonder: are uninformed innocent bear interest or other income.???
1. No leader on the continent will no longer support or other leaders, wherever you are. Leader-affirming words or in fact an anti-Zionist / US / NATO.
2. Chavez attacked the pallet using US-NATO-Zionist imperial, makes me think that maybe are at the pay of the empire.
3. critics, they should implement Islam, implement and show the world how it works. Unfortunately, many of these "Muslims" do not have the slightest idea of ​​Islam as a system.
I have nothing against that criticize Gadaffi, the alloitas, Chavez or whoever it is, that if, constructive criticism, baseada in Islam and its application.
The goal is not to criticize for criticizing. You have to show, whether or not tyrants. To implement a better system for everyone.
Must first know the Islam and its goals. Studying the History of Humanity and the ecology of the planet we live on. Knowing that we are here.

Do not forget that the rule and kleptocracy attacks only dictators who do not serve or who oppose the empire. Join the Empire to overthrow a leader - tyrant or not is a very delicate and dangerous task. Since the rule will impose a much worse place.
Returning to Chavez, to explain, in practice, that makes Chavez against the people, planet and against Islam ?????
Returning to the subject. Outside the empire some critics are manipulated by the Saudis. Conduct a comparative study of kings and Saudi Arabia - their achievements, and Chavez and his accomplishments.
It is good to analyze what is happening in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and other countries. See who are the allies of the empire. Consider the propaganda they use and the means of implementation. 

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